Thursday, 18 April 2013

Under the Sink Organization

Have you ever had those days where you get up and all you want to do is clean? Yeah, me neither! Recently though, had the most outrageous the to organize every little detail in my house - and yes, organizing is different from cleaning.

About a week or so ago I decided that I would take on the challenge of organizing under the sink in the bathroom, which, may I say, needed it drastically! It was messy, unorganized and I would even go as far as saying it was absolutely disgusting. So just my luck, Before cleaning the mess up, I forgot to take a picture of it, (shame on me!), so today you will only be able to witness the after effects, which in a way is a whole lot nicer for me!

Here is the finished product. It may not be the most appealing to the eye but it definitely did the job, it was easy to see everything, easily accessible, and easy to keep clean - my kind of bathroom, easy. Seeing that I live in a family of six, it was the perfect balance for everyone.

 When I was reorganizing, I realized that I had to tackle the main problems of the mess first, and sure enough the brushes and combs were one of the main roots of the issue. What I decided to do was find a cylinder box, which could be anything from a glass jar to a present box, just like I used here, but whatever floats your boat.

The next problem for my bathroom in particular were tampons, and no way do you want to have company over and have them see something like these just hanging out on the floor - embarrassing! The most accessible and neat way I found to keep these little goodies out of sight was similar to the brushes, using a cylinder box, but with these I would suggest it have a lid to keep them nice and tucked away.

Heat tools is another thing I find making a mess under my bathroom sink. With the cords sprawled out everywhere it looked super unattractive and they were extremely hard to get out without having everything else join the party. How to tame these wild beasts? The solution I came up with was to put them in a box, but then the thought came to me that if I just put them in a box I would lose an excessive amount of space so, sliding plastic drawers would be perfect! Although if your budget is limited, I did come to find that the boxes would still be very useful.

I ended up getting two drawers that came together and with the second I filled it with maxi pads. I found that they were another thing that were randomly scattered everywhere and much like the tampons, something I didn't want the whole world to see as they walked into my bathroom.

I am sure that we all have those hair products that we just don't use that often, I know I do, and in my bathroom I found them laying around. Although they didn't bother me as much as some of the other messes that I found, I decided that the perfect way to keep these out of my hair (no pun intended) was to put them in this round, brown container. Another way you could tuck these away would be with a box, whatever suits your fancy.

Little things like Q-tips I found were stored in little boxes like this. Although I didn't have a lid for this box in particular, a lid for the box you acquire might be a good idea! I also found that if you don't just have a box like this sitting at home or if you don't want to go out and buy one I would suggest you go to your kitchen and grab a sandwich container or even a mason jar. The possibilities are really endless.  

Finally, the last thing I find gets absolutely everywhere in the bathroom are clips, bobby pins, and hair elastics. The one thing I found worked best for me were small containers. Mine unfortunately had small holes in the side which ended with quite a few bobby pins and small clips slipping out and making a mess of their own. Because of this, I would recommend to get ones that have even smaller holes or none at all. Another solution for the bobby pins could be to get a tic tac container and fill that up, leaving you with no issue whatsoever!

I hope you enjoyed and got something helpful out of my post! What would you like to see me write about next? What are some of your best bathroom organizing tips and tricks? Comment below!

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